Our docking systems come in sets of 10, 25, or 50 Dine-a-Light modules.

The unique compact interconnectable docking system can be stacked and easily stored while re-energizing up to 100 modules from a single power outlet, all while being environmentally friendly, as recognized by the Daily Energy Report.

Our product locks securely into all custom cover styles and sizes, designed with the Dine-a-Light die and is fully transferrable to replacement covers.

Once the LED indicates its need for re-charging, simply insert the module into the precise, energy efficient docking system.

Dine-a-Light is committed to providing environmentally friendly, power conservative technology where ever possible.

The charge durability of around four hours brings the Normal Charge frequency to once every one to two months, or when the charge indicator flashes on the timed light mode. This data is based upon customers’ experience.

The individual charge control in each module protects from overcharging in the event that a weekly routine charge is preferred or if the menus are not rotated and some are more depleted than others, it will not affect battery efficiency. 

The life expectancy of 300 repowering cycles of our custom Lithium Ion Polymer battery and around 15,000 hours of light from our high quality LED is backed by our warranty.  Transferability of the modules ensures that if the menu cover is replaced, you will still have the Dine-a-Light module for a one time purchase.

Dine-a-Light aims to provide readability for the benefit of the patron without impact to the Proprietor’s budget, labour costs and storage space. Dine-a-Light is affordable, low maintenance and extremely durable.

Universal wireless modules lock securely into the cover for inventory control until they are released by our special key for charging in our compact stackable fully interconnecting docks.

Dine-a-Light replaces the need for constant replacement of lost and stolen flashlights and costly disposable batteries lessening the impact of disposable novelty products to the environment.  








Our Dine-a-light key is necessary to release the module from the cover, providing secure inventory control.  It can be stored in our charging docking system or placed on a key ring if preferred.

Our patented, inter connect able, compact docking system is available to accommodate 10, 25 or 50 modules for re powering. The charging mechanism for control of charge is in each individual module.

The slender Dine-a-Light module locks securely into the frame which is permanently installed into the cover. Our software design includes individual circuit and charge controls and it offers two light levels.


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