Dine-a-Light multitasks with our unique primary point of sale placement to create a powerful marketing tool if needed. The sleek imprintable frames prominently, yet discreetly, advertise events and specials, or you can add your logo or brand to give your featured product instant impact and recognition. Check competition analysis

Dine A Light Offers 3 lines to match your needs:

    • The D.I.Y (do it yourself)
    • The Little Black Books
    • The Couture Line

Our Dine-a-Light add on piece can be used as an alternative to your existing menus, without having to purchase entirely new menus. READ MORE

We offer a collection of standard black menus (5 sizes) and check presenters (2 models). READ MORE

Color, size, textures, LED colors, number of pages… Customization possibilities are endless. READ MORE


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